KARANIYA EXPERIENCE is a progressive, enthusiastic and creative hospitality management company, offering management solutions for exclusive villas, boutique hotels, spas and restaurants. We bring together a team of seasoned hoteliers and professionals with years of hands-on experience. We are dedicated to creating and developing new and exciting concepts to complement the uniqueness of every venture that we represent.

We set new standards of excellence within the industry by delivering exceptional experiences with a genuine commitment to service. We recognize that our employees are our most valuable asset and we focus closely on their welfare by nurturing their talents and creating positive working environments. We aim to constantly evolve, instill core values and deliver profitable returns to our business partners and shareholders. KARANIYA is a Sanskrit word that literally means ‘loving-kindness’. It a form of positive energy that helps generate overall happiness.

Our vision is to create and deliver truly memorable experiences in the spirit of caring for all parties involved. KARANIYA EXPERIENCE actively supports the community, respects local traditions and culture, and endeavors to attain a balanced lifestyle by maintaining a harmonious relationship between man and the environment. We choose to adhere to the spiritual and social principles of sustainable tourism for a better world.

Our mission is to offer creative management solutions for hospitality and lifestyle establishments with new and exciting concepts which are uniquely personalized to each property in our portfolio. We strive to deliver truly memorable experiences for our customers and provide financial results for our business partners and shareholders.


Wayan Winawan – Founding Partner (Marketing, Sales and Operations)

Lily Suryani – Founding Partner (Project and Business Development)

Yuliani Susanna Liauw – Founding Partner (Finance, Food and Beverage)


KARANIYA stands for ‘loving-kindness’, and it is the most basic form of energy that contributes to overall happiness. Our aim is to infuse the spirit of caring into every venture that we represent.

Proven Success
Combining the talents and experience of our professional team, we deliver tested techniques and creative result-driven solutions. We have a reputation for achieving unrivalled success and sustaining it long-term.

Simple, transparent and cost effective management is what KARANIYA is all about. We liaise closely with owners and shareholders to deliver an ethical business approach with financial results.

Service Culture
Our philosophy is to deliver truly memorable experiences with genuine commitment to service and refined spirit of caring. We have learnt to appreciate the small things that enrich every encounter and make it unique. Our service is gracious, friendly unpretentious, non-intrusive and attentive.

KARANIYA EXPERIENCE respects local traditions and the culture of Bali. We are proud to be actively in touch with our community and contribute to environmental issues.